Friday, December 7, 2012

Midwest Moves!

We had a fun day of dancing on Sunday, November 11th! Master teachers from New York City came to CMC to host Midwest Moves.  Every class was different, challenging and exciting!  The dancers did amazing and our very own Kristen Stultz and Tyler Poelking won scholarships for another Midwest Moves event!!
Congratulations to all the dancers who participated on a job well done!!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Midwest Moves!

Sunday, November 11th we are hosting Midwest Moves here at CMC!
This is an amazing opportunity to take master classes from professional teachers from New York City!
This will be a full day event, from 10am-4pm, of fun and hip ho
p for advanced beginner to intermediate-advanced dancers. Ages are 8 and up and the cost is $70.00 which includes 4 master classes and a pizza lunch!
Stop by CMC for a registration form and with any questions you may have.
For more information you can also visit
Please be sure to tell all your friends and fellow dancers so we can make this event as big as possible! Thank you!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Classes are Cancelled today

Due to the weather & school closings, there will BE NO CLASSES today or night at CMC.
Today is Tuesday, October 30th 2012

We wish you all a safe and dry Tuesday- see you all soon!
Thank you :) Your friends at CMC

Monday, October 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Art Classes

Saturday morning we had an art class here at CMC!  Ms. Kathy Holland and her students had a fabulous time creating festive halloween themed crafts. Check out these pictures!

Friday, October 19, 2012

DCNEO Dance Marathon

Last Friday, October 12th Creative Movement Center
hosted the 2nd annual fundraiser / DANCE MARATHON for Dancing Classrooms Northeast Ohio!
Participants took master classes in African Jazz with LIVE DRUMS and Bollywood! They also showed their moves in a talent show & took part in the
"Dancing Classrooms Experience!" It was all for a great cause!

Here is the "thank you" email we received
from the founder of DCNortheast Ohio, Miss Jo Jo ...
Dear Creative Movement Center participants & faculty,

You Participated, You Danced, You Made A Difference!

A 24 Hour Dance Marathon is no small under taking and, because of YOU, it was a tremendous success.
We are incredibly grateful to the Fred Astaire Cleveland and Creative Movement Center communities for their generosity and support of Dancing Classrooms Northeast Ohio. Your efforts were humbling and helped to make our 3rd annual 24 Hour Dance Marathon the biggest success yet. The event (between both locations) earned a net profit of more than $3,740! We can only hope to have the opportunity to organize and grow this event with all of you once again.
An extra special THANK YOU to Andrea and Lisa at Fred Astaire and Hayley at Creative Movement Center. You three generously gave your time, talent, and creativity in support of our cause and we are grateful. We find ourselves overwhelmed with a warm welcome each time we are in the presence of each studio's "family" you have cultivated, it's a pleasure to be a part of it.
Jo Jo Graham
DCNEO Director & Founder

WAY to go, CMC dancers & families!!!
It's sooo fun to help others through the art of dance!

Thank you again,
Your CMC faculty

Spirit Week

The first week of October was CMC spirit week! Each day had a different theme and everyone expressed their love for dance. 

Our little ones showed their CMC spirit on rock star day!

Thanks to everyone who participated and joined in the fun.  CMC is the place to be!

Michelle Millard Master Classes

On October 6th we had a fun filled day of master classes from the wonderful Michelle Millard.  Michelle is from up-state Michigan and is now choreographing for the Ann Arbor Dance Theatre.  She is a long time friend of Miss Hayley's and it was so nice of her to come teach class for us.  Michelle brought a great energy and taught some amazing combinations.  Her presence here was refreshing and she was as up-beat as possible.  Big thanks to Michelle for her classes here at CMC!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer News

This past summer was full of growth, inspiration and many memorable moments.  CMC was always full of students, teachers and artists.

We had multiple camps including princess camp, cheer camp, rock-star camp and teen dance camp.  Students returned to continue learning while new students arrived to be apart of the CMC family.  Every camp had a fun-filled performance at the end of their session.  While our adorable princess campers just followed along, our teen dance campers choreographed their own dances to perform.  With a different master class once a week during the teen dance camp, students learned to embrace new teachers and styles.

We also traveled to Chicago to attend Kate Jablonski's summer intensive, Camp Kate.  There, Halle Ferry took the beginner classes while Emily Gaffga took the advanced session.  The girls danced for three days straight for six hours each day.  There were about twenty-five students in Halle's camp while there were seventy in Emily's.  We met many amazing dancers as well as got the chance to be taught by a internationally known choreographer.  There was a performance after each session where they showed the dances they learned and scholarships were given.  Our Emily Gaffga received a Contemporary Stand-Out Scholarship for $100 off next years camp!  We cannot wait to go back next summer!

In the beginning of August, we traveled to New York City with a group of our teenage dancers! There we took classes at Broadway Dance Center for three days.  Everyone took around nine classes and learned from some of the most famous teachers in New York.  When we weren't dancing we went out to dinner to bond as well as saw a performance from Tracie Stanfield's Company.  On our last day in New York we all took a stroll around Time Square and took dance pictures.  Not only did we have fun doing this, people walking by had fun watching us!

This past weekend we hosted an Open House to benefit a CMC family member.  There was dancing, a DJ, raffles and family fun.  Many people showed up to support this cause and we are very thankful for our students and families.

Overall, this summer has been one to remember.  We cannot wait for our fall season to kick off!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Master Class Series

Creative Movement Center presents... Our 3rd Summer ANNUAL MASTER CLASS SERIES
Every Monday this summer, we have hosted amazing master classes taught by
professional dancers and artists from around Cleveland . 
 Thank you to our talented line up of teachers & to all dancers who have come out to share in their love for dance!  We conclude the 2012 series with two more classes -
Monday, August 13 : Musical Theatre with Katie Nejman
Monday, Aug. 20 : Hip Hop with Nate Smith   6:30-8:00 pm $12 drop in fee
Check out some pics from our
Hip Hop Master class with Kris Terry and our
BBOY class with SWIFT ALI ! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

CMC Dancers at Camp Kate

Creative Movement Center dancers Emily Gaffga and Halle Ferry worked it out in their classes and showcase performances this weekend at CAMP KATE!  Camp Kate is a 3 day dance intensive in Chicago taught by the amazing and talented KATE JABLONSKI!
We are so proud to also congratulate Emily Gaffga for winning a scholarship as a "Contemporary Stand Out" for the weekend! Way to go , dancers!
                                                      Check out this pic of our dancers with Kate Jablonski!
                                                      CMC loves CAMP KATE!

Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Showcase Weekend !

Congratulations to our CMC Dancers & families on an amazing Showcase weekend!
All 3 shows were fantastic and we are so proud of all of our hard working, dedicated dancers!

Get ready for two more weeks of fun at CMC as we finish the 2012 Season CMC style!
Dancers are ALL welcome to "Bring A Friend" to dance these next two weeks!
CMC is the PLACE TO BE!  We are like a big dance family!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


TITLE OF DANCE- Class Day &  Time

ACT I. Welcome to NYC

1. Sing Sing Sing!
A Tribute to BOB FOSSE!

2. Graffiti Artists of NYC - Thursday 6:30  &
Friday 5:45 Pre Teen Hip Hop

3. NYC KIDS- Pre Company Jazz

4. Fly Me To N.Y.C.- saturday 9:45 adaptive

5. NYC Girl- Sr. Company jazz

6. For Paul - ballet 6

ACT II. A Day in The City

7. Snowflakes in The City- Wed. Jr Co. ballet

8. Tangetino- Ballet 5

9. Spring Time In NYC- Pre Co Ballet  

10. A Stroll Through Central Park- Mon. 4:30 Ballet

11. Growing Up In the Big Apple-
Thurs. 7:30 Contemporary

12. Our Tribute- lyrical 6


13. Show Stoppers!- Claire and Madi duet

14. Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
Friday Kids Broadway Jazz

15. Cabaret
TEen Broadway Jazz

16. Broadway Smile- SOLO

17. Rich Man's Frug
Teen Broadway Jazz

18. Hot Honey Rag
Friday Kids Broadway Jazz

19. Sinatra's Remix- Sat. 10:00 Hip Hop Boys

20. Will Rogers Follies Favorite Son
Jazz 6

ACT IV. Fashion Capital of the World

21. Uptown Girl- Mon. 5:30 Jazz

22. NYC Fashion Stars- Mon 4:30 Combo

23. Super Model, WORK! Monday Jr. Co

24. Funky Broadway- Wed. Jr Company tap

25. Beautiful Inside- Lyrical 4

26. Teeth- jazz 6

ACT V. The City That Never Sleeps

27. Rock it Out in N.Y.C!- Break dancing class

28. Rhythm Nation- Monday 4:30 claire's

29. Forever Young- lyrical 4

30. Safe & Sound - modern 6

31. Billboard in Timesquare- Pre Co. TAPPERS

32. Heads Will Roll  - Contemp. 4/5

33. Lose My Mind- La Fever duet

34. Stay With You - Lyrical 5

35. City Beats- Rocky and K


ACT VI. America's Melting Pot

36. Bustle Mania- adv. pointe

37. Barcarolle- Mon. Jr Co Ballet

38. From Paris to NYC- Tues 4:30 teen tap

39. Little Italy, NYC - Wed. Jr Co JAZZ

40. New York City's Best Restaurant - Thurs. 4:00  ACRO

In A New York Minute~

41. The Best is Yet to Come - Z and Hay

42. Super Bowl Winners- Tuesday 4:00 ACRO

43. Best Thing- jazz 4/5

44. Leaving Manhattan- Wed. 7:15 Lyrical

45. Day & Night in N.Y.C.- Friday 5:00 Contemporary Kids

46. For Mom - lyrical 6

47. New York City Kids- Thurs. 5:45 Kids Hip Hop with Kristina

48. I'm in New York- Saturday 10:45 Hip Hop

49. One Moment More- Blake duet

50. Last Dance- Zvosec solo

51. Finale Jazz 4/5/6
Dance With Somebody!


TITLE OF DANCE- Class day/time
ACT I. Welcome to NYC

1. Sing Sing Sing! A Tribute to BOB FOSSE!

2. Little New Yorkers- Little Movers

3. Heart of the City- Sat. Adaptive

4. Lullaby of Broadway- Friday 10:00
ACT II. Fashion Capital of the World

5. Fashion Week at Bryant Park - Fri. 4:15

6. Workin' -Jazz 6

7. Corner of Fashion Ave. & 38th St.- Mon. 1:30

8. NYC Girl- Sr. Company Jazz

9. Dancers on The Runway- Thursday 4:30 TAP
ACT III. America's Melting Pot

10. BustleMania - Adv. Pointe

11. From Paris to NYC- Tues 4:30 teen tap

12. La Conga - Mon. 5:00 tap

13. For Paul - ballet 6

14. Country Girls Meet Manhattan- Mon. 1:00

15. Ship to NYC- Tues . 10:45

16. Chinese Tea in China Town NYC- Mon. 1:30

17. If Only- Modern 6

ACT IV. Broadway

18. I Got Rhythm- Friday 11:00

19. Diamonds- jazz 4/5

20. Radio City Music Hall Rockettes- Tuesday 10

21. Broadway Baby- Monday 2:30

22. Will Rogers Favorite Son- jazz 6

23. Ease on Down the Road- Tuesday 1:00

24. Trolley Song- Friday 4:15 Claire

25. Never Fully Dressed W/out A Smile
Friday Kids Broadway Jazz

 26.  New York Show Stoppers
Saturday 11:30 Nate Hip Hop
ACT V. We Love N.Y.C.

27. Music of the NYC Philharmonic
Thursday 4:30 BALLET

28. Our Tribute - lyrical 6

29. Flowers In Central Park
Thursday 5:15 Intro Dance - Miss Hay

30. L.O.V.E in the Big Apple- Saturday 9:15 Intro Dance  

31. Boy From N.Y.C.- Friday 5:00 Tap

32. For Mom... lyrical 6

33. Rockefeller Plaza Ice Skaters- Friday 11:00

34. Dance With Somebody- Finale



ACT I. Welcome to NYC

1. Sing Sing Sing! A Tribute to BOB FOSSE!

2. Get Outta Your Mind

3. NYC Girl- SR. CO JAZZ

4. For Paul

A Day in The City

5. Tangetino

6. Classic Style- Ballet 4

7. Our Tribute


8. Broadway Super Star- RICKS

9. Diamonds

10. Broadway Smile

11. Stage Bound

12. On Broadway- TRIO

13. Will Rogers Follies Favorite Son

14. Super Model, Work! MONDAY JR. COMPANY

15. Work in'

16. The Darkness Between
beg. pointe

17. Out of My Hands

18. Safe and Sound

19. Be Mine

20. Special Guest 

21. Teeth

22. Waking Up

23. One Moment More 

24. City Beats

25. NYC Coffee Shop


26. Bustle-Mania

27. From Paris to NYC
teen tap

28. MAMBO in  little Italy, NYC
wed. jr company

29. The Best is Yet to Come

30. Best Thing

31. Passing By - Sr. Co Ballet

32. For Mom

33. Special Guest

 34. I'm in New York!- Teen Hip Hop

35. I will Always Love You

36. Take Care of You

37. Last Dance

38. Finale-
Dance With Somebody!